about us

Neptune's Rain is a renowned brand in the Diamond industry. We have experience of 40 years in manufacturing diamonds. We recently started growing our own diamonds since it costs a fraction of the Earth-grown diamonds. We are located at 47 street diamond in New York. You can customize wedding rings, engagement rings and necklaces or choose from our assortment of jewelry. Our Miami store is opening soon.

Why Choose Us?

Each piece of jewelry you buy should be worth every dollar you spend. Buying a diamond engagement ring is a very significant event. We understand the symbolic meaning of it. We make sure you find the best diamond engagement ring that matches your taste and budget. We use lab-grown diamonds for engagement rings too. These are just like mined diamonds but just more cost-effective, affordable, environment-friendly and high quality. Our staff members are experts to help you choose the best and answer all your doubts on diamond color, clarity, cut, carat size, sourcing and more.

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